Museum & Gallery Services Queensland

Funding Opportunities

Museum & Gallery Service Queensland has compiled a listing of funding and grant opportunities of interest to museums, galleries and other collecting institutions in Queensland.

The grants and funds are organised into areas of activity. These include:
capital works; staffing and adminstrative costs; equipment; workshops, seminars, conferences and training; conservation/preservation; project work (eg. exhibitions, events, collection projects); Indigenous programs; residencies, internships, individual development and mentorships.

Philanthropic Funding is also included with all opportunities organised into areas of activity, as above.

For a comprehensive list of grants and philanthropic funding available, please download the 2014 Funding Available and 2014 Philanthropic Funding Available documents to the right of this page.

The database available of funding opportunity is currently being updated. Please refer to the handouts available to the right.

These resources are intended as a starting point only and do not necessarily represent all levels of funding available to any particular group. This information is also subject to change. Grant seekers should check the funding body's website for updated information and submission dates before submitting an application.

This listing does not include: awards, prizes, or scholarships; sponsorship opportunities; or funding for for-profit arts businesses.

Funding opportunities are listed here in a database according to "Funding Category". You can find different funding opportunities by searching using the "Funding Category" dropdown menu and the keyword search.