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Did you know...

Kingaroy Heritage Museum has several machines that were designed and built in Kingaroy by local Kingaroy Peanut Farmers, including the first ever Peanut Thresher built in Australia. The machinery available, from the USA, in the earlier days of the peanut industry was either unsuitable or unavailable the locals had to use their own ingenuity to invent and manufacture their own.

Young's Peanut Thresher

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The first machine purpose built for the threshing of large crops of peanuts. It was designed and built by a local farmer, Harry Young, in the late 1920s. It was in use in the area until 1954.

Left: Young's Peanut Thresher. Kingaroy Heritage Museum.

Peanut Puller

Manufactured locally by T H Cornish in 1950, the machine pulled 2 rows of peanuts at a time and dropped them behind in one row. This technology is still in use today.

Did you know...
Kingaroy Heritage Museum has a rare and unusual boomerang in the

Ceremonial Boomerang

The boomerang is over 100 years old and was given to the first Kingaroy stationmaster J H Hooper, in 1904, by the local Aboriginal People. The boomerang features an unusual style of carving, including European figures, cattle and horses.

Other interesting facts

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Kingaroy Heritage Museum has a collection of over 2000 photographs dating from the 1890s
to present day, depicting the heritage of Kingaroy, its people and Shire. These are from many different photographers, containing a diverse range of images from all aspects of Kingaroy's heritage and culture.

Left: Kingaroy Butter Factory opened in 1907 and was closed in 1977, it is now in use producing wine, cheeses, cold pressed oils and gourmet foods. Photo taken c1907. Kingaroy Heritage Museum Collection.

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Left: Bicentennial Quilt, 1988, made and presented to Kingaroy by local women to commemorate the Australian Bicentenary.
Kingaroy Heritage Museum.

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