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Logan City Historical Museum

Did you know...

The Museum holds the entire collection of minute and account books dating back to the foundation of the Southern Queensland Co-op Dairy Association in 1906?

Historical Books from Factory 1906-1983

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Used almost daily for reference.

Left: historic books dating from 1906-1983. Museum Photo.

Butter Factory Relics 1906-1983

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Very little of the original Butter Factory actually remains but what we have is being restored.

Left: Relics and Produce from Kingston Butter Factory 1906-1983. Museum Photo

Music Room 1990-1999

Phonographs, gramophones, pianos and organs used over the last 100 years in working order.

Other interesting facts

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* The Logan City Historical Museum is reestablishing an excellent collection of Butter Factory machinery and implements originally used in the factory.

* Logan City Historical Museum displays a range of saw milling and farming equipment from the local area.

Left: Kingston Butter Factory complex. Museum Photo.

Contact Details

Logan City Historical Museum
Address: Milky Way, Kingston Qld 4114
Phone: 07 3208 3943 or 07 3208 6178