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Queensland Ambulance Museum - Charters Towers

Did you know...

Charters Towers was the first city or town to have an ambulance centre outside of Brisbane? The first centre in Charters Towers was opened in December 1900 at a location on the corner of Dean and Anne Streets. (Not the centre currently used, which was purchased in 1902 and officially opened in 1903).

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Left: Radio display at Charters Towers Ambulance Museum. Courtesy Queensland Ambulance Museum.

Ambulance Vehicle
Purchased by the Charters Towers centre. This Lend Lease Ford 1942 model has been restored and is still able to be driven and still takes part in many ambulance celebrations.

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Did you know...

Except for some minor alterations and additions that have been made over the years this building is as it was built? This is the only original ambulance building in operation at the present time.

Left: Charters Towers Ambulance Museum.


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The Museum holds many uniforms dating back to the 1990s.

Left: Ambulance Litter and clothing display.

Did you know...

The men on duty used to stay upstairs and when a call came in they would slide down the pole that used to be at the back of the plant room? While this was happening the horse that was in the stable at the back would come in and back itself into the shafts of the cart and wait for the officer to lower the harness onto its back and away they would go. The mode of patient transport at this time was horse and cart with a litter attached to the cart. The litter consisted of a stretcher mounted on sulky wheels and usually pushed or pulled by an officer at either end.

Ambulance Memorabilia

Memorabilia including radios used during the years by the ambulance vehicles and centres, badges worn by all officer ranks within the service, ledgers, case books and minute books belonging to several centres and many photos of past senior officers and their ambulance vehicles.

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Queensland Ambulance Museum - Charters Towers
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