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Greenmount Homestead

Did you know...
Did you know Greenmount Homestead is the oldest homestead in the district? Constructed in 1915 it was occupied by the Cook family until donated to the shire in 1984.

Above: Greenmount Homestead

In the Greenmount Collection.....

The Greenmount Homestead collection features many interesting items, including:

Vida Atherton Sketches - Excellent examples of detailed pencil sketches dating from 1892.

Original Bathroom - A good example from the art deco period.

Machinery/Dray Shed - A collection of horse drawn and motorised vehicles dating from the 1800’s.

Did you know...
Did you know Greenmount Homestead has direct links to central Queensland's pioneering past? The original Greenmount property was taken up by Captain John Mackay when he opened up the area for settlement.

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Greenmount Homestead
Address: Greenmount Road,
Greenmount (via Walkerston) QLD 4751
Phone: (07) 4956 2250 (attn: Brian Osborn)