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Miles Historical Village

Did you know...
Did you know that the Miles Historical Village first opened in 1971 through the efforts of some very enthusiastic and visionary community members? These members set about the phenomenal task of creating a streetscape museum to house collections from a bygone era, and an avenue for the Miles and District to preserve its history with the vision of opening the facility up to the public and tourism market. In the early days the Village was created entirely by Volunteers.

The Condamine Bell Collection

During the early pioneering days of the last century when vast areas of land were unfenced, the bullock team was the only means of heavy transport to the newly settled areas. Bullock bells were therefore a necessity in those times to enable the teamster to find his team when they had strayed from camp or the homestead, after having been unyoked overnight. The greater the sound carry of the bell the better it was. The most successful and popular bell was first made in Condamine by Mr Samuel Williams Jones, who had a Smithy by the Condamine River from early 1866 to late 1878. The “Bull-frog” or “Jones bell”, as it was first known, became famous under its better known title of the “Condamine Bell”. The sound of this bell had great carrying capacity and claims that it had been heard six and even seven miles away were common in those days.

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Left: The Condamine Bell Collection

Did you know...
Did you know that the Miles Historical Village in 2009 houses over 34 buildings and collections set out in a streetscape style? Some of the buildings are originals and others have been built as replicas in keeping with the history of Miles and District, each building houses its own unique collection or display.

The Norman Donpon Lapidary Collection

See relics of Australia’s earliest plant life at the Miles Historical Village! The Village houses a world class collection of fossil woods, ferns that attract Palaeobotonists, Geologist and lapidary enthusiast from all over the world. In addition the collection also includes many fine agates, crystals and minerals.

Discover what has been left in stone from our prehistoric past, the time of the dinosaurs, a time before eucalypts, wattles and the flowering plants we know today. Australia’s most extensive display of petrified plants from the Jurassic period uncovered from the Chinchilla, Wandoan and Miles areas of Southern Queensland. Beneath the soils of the lands west of the great dividing range lie gently dipping sediments of the great artesian basin.

Within the layers of these sediments we have preserved today the record of life from our fascinating geological past. From around this area we are lucky to find near to the present day land surface, well preserved specimens of plant life of the Jurassic Age(180 to 135 Million years ago) the age when Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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Left: Norman Donpon Lapidary Collection

Did you know...
Did you know that a number of years ago the Historical Village hosted the Wildflower Festival? Recently this festival has been rejuvenated as a biennial event titled The Beef, Bells and Bottle Tree Festival. The next Beef, Bells and Bottle Tree Festival will be held in 2010.

The Butchers Shop

Officially opened in January 2008 the Butcher's Shop is the newest addition to the Miles Historical Village. It is an authentic replication based on the original butcher's shop of the Miles township many years ago. The building houses a collection of old butchers' cleavers, saws, chopping blocks and scales, right down to the sides of beef hanging from the ceiling above the sawdust covered floor. Stop by the butcher's shop to marvel at how the butchering industry has changed.

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Left: The Village Butcher Shop

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