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Banana Shire Historical Society - Greycliffe Homestead

Greycliffe Complex Open Day
When: Saturday 8 May, 9am-1pm
Where: Greycliffe Homestead,
Gladstone Rd, Biloela (opposite Bowls Club)
Cost: by donation
Further information: phone 07 4992 1862

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Above: Slab Kitchen. Acknowledgement: Banana Shire Historical Society

Join the celebrations of Museums Alight! 2010 by visiting the Greycliffe Homestead and participating in a tour of the Homestead, the 'Glandore' detached kitchen and the 'Toronto' blacksmiths shop.

History of the Greycliffe Homestead
Greycliffe Homestead was built in the 1870s of slabs cut with a pitsaw and adze, round bush timber rafters and originally had a shingle roof. In the 1920s, the house was repaired and an iron pyramid-shaped roof replaced the shingles. The main building is square and originally had a semi-detached kitchen. In the centre is a very large living room, at one end of which is a large open fireplace. The bedrooms were lined with calico suspended from the ceiling and chintz was stuck on the walls to cover the rough slabs.

Greycliffe homestead has been listed by the National Trust of Queensland as an essential element of the National Estate worthy of preservation at all costs. After the sale of Greycliffe Station it became apparent the homestead would not be able to be sustained in it's current location. In 1979, the Banana Shire Historical Society, transported the historic buildings in two sections to its present location in Gladstone Rd, Biloela. This was a move of 37 kilometres.

The homestead was restored and refurnished in the period when the seven children of Sophia and William Nott were being raised. The Greycliffe gardens have also been recreated for the enjoyment and enlightenment of future generations.

A slab blacksmith’s shop was brought from ‘Toronto’ in the Dawes district and re-erected in the grounds in 1995. The slab kitchen came from ‘Glandore’ on the Crowsdale-Camboon Road. It was marked and brought piece-by-piece and re-built in 2005. The addition of this building completes the complex.

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Above: Blacksmith shed. Acknowledgement: Banana Shire Historical Society

Contact Details:

Banana Shire Historical Society
Address: Gladstone Rd, Biloela
Phone: 07 4992 1862
Opening Hours: on request
Admission Cost: by donation